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Justafit Velcro Sleepsuits from Infasense

No two babies are the same. One size doesn’t fit all. Some 12 month old babies need an 18-24 month size, others a 9-12 month size. A NEW British brand, Infasense has created an innovative, patent pending, adjustable onesie for babies and toddlers.  The Justafit has been specially designed to eliminate the hazards posed by conventional, off-the-shelf onesies, by providing a safer, more hygienic, comfortable and economical alternative. A Justafit velcro sleepsuit adjusts to fit, is hard wearing and lasts longer.

The product is the inspiration of Mumpreneur Caroline Driver, whose attention was drawn to the dangers of ill-fitting onesies during a routine visit from her midwife.  Previous to this, she had witnessed the ‘flipper feet’ that emerged once her children began to crawl and toddle, and the ‘daily dunking’ of overly long sleeves in the breakfast cereal.  The unique adjustable cuffs and ankles put an end to these problems, whilst ensuring the child’s safety; no more nasty trips, slips or messy cuffs caused by excess fabric.

“We all recognise that no two babies are the same, it’s therefore equally comprehendible that one size won’t fit all.  Parents often experience a point in their child’s life where the shelf size doesn’t match their child’s growth rate; some 12 month old babies will require an 18-24 month sizing, whilst others a 9-12 month sizing,” explains Caroline. “The Justafit adjustable onesie provides a simple solution to this problem, and in turn, helps reduce risks posed by ill-fitting onesies, whilst enabling for growth with the child”.

Made from quality hypoallergenic breathable cotton, the Justafit comes in five colours (Crystalline Teal, Mellow Turquoise, Mulberry, Pearl White and Ultramarine) and is available in five sizes from 6-months to 3-years.  Priced at £19.99 RRP for a pack of two, the Justafit onesie can be purchased direct from NuVo Bebe Shop.

Created by parents to make the lives of parents easier.

Infasense sent me one of their adjustable sleepsuits for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog.

First impressions ~ I was very happily surprised by the material of the sleepsuit as I have never felt or had one like this before, just was so soft and had a very good give to it.

I bet you are all thinking well it’s just like any other sleepsuit! Well No it is not. As you will see it has adjustable Velcro wrist bands plus on ankles. I do not know of any baby/toddler sleepsuits such as the infasense justafit ones.

What I find very good for my little boy is that you can get the next size up and if It’s a bit too big then all you have to do is adjust the Velcro straps so your kids are not tripping up all over the place on the leg bottoms as I have found out so many times .

The material is very soft and washes well. The range of colours are lovely, however, one small point I did think that there should be a better, more baby like design, than just the logo. It would be nice (especially for the cost) to have something a bit nicer on the front.

Also when changing his nappy the suits are a bit of a pain as you have to loosen the straps to take them off. This is fine in the day but not at night when you are half asleep and battling with a screaming baby!

I loved the colours too, not the typical ‘baby blue’ or 'baby pink' which seems to be the majority of choice in baby clothes but still some great colours. The depth in colour also hid a few stains from lunch time and the onsie washed really well.  

They look and feel so comfortable and very long lasting.

Hygenic ~ The adjustable wrist straps prevent hands hiding in the sleeves giving full access to toys as well as preventing sleeves that are too long dipping into food.

Safe ~ The adjustable ankle straps reduce the risk of trips and falls from sleepsuits being too long.

Comfortable ~ Justafit sleepsuits are comfortable as they keep hands and feet where they should be. Children are less frustrated from sleeves and legs being too long.

Economical ~ Justafit sleepsuits adjust to your babies growth therefore last longer

All in all they are a fantastic baby/toddler item sure will recommend to friends and family, and also my blogging and social community.

Description ~ Justafit velcro adjustable sleepsuits; baby and toddler onesie. Twin pack containing two sleepsuits of the same colour. Made from 100% cotton.
- Baby and toddler adjustable sleepsuits
- Twin pack
- 100% hypoallergenic breathable cotton

Thank you to Infasense for letting NuVo Bebe test out their Justafit velcro sleepsuit, which can now be bought directly from

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