NuVo Bebe Pregnancy - Month by Month

Getting bigger ...

Since pretty early on I have been showing and feeling big ... but they do say second time round everything gives more easily! So maternity clothes have been essential since about 10 weeks pregnant:

This obviously started the talk of 'are you sure there's only 1 in there?' and yes there is as shown in the last post. One very healthy Baby-Bean, growing well and taking all my energy :-)

However, I was not going to let this bump get me down, so first things first ... lets get shopping! New bras, new tops, new jeans, new dress ... all catered for by Mothercare and Isabella Oliver ~ Thank you I feel much better now :-)

I did also pull out what I had left from last time round, however, not all fitted - obviously my bum has grown since having little man and not just my bump!


Falling ill ...

After the excitment of telling the family and thinking about all the lovely things that go through your mind in the early weeks, I fell ill ... I don't mean morning sickness ill ... I mean rolling on the floor in agony with ear pain ill!

Started at 8 weeks pregnant and went on for 4 weeks before the pain truely subsided. I took a trip to the doctor, who gave me ear drops, 3 days later I was in A&E in severe pain, was sent home and told to go to out of hours doctors (on a Sunday). Got an appointment, by which point I was rolling on the floor in agony, as Paracetamol didn't touch this level of pain.

This continued for days, went back to doctors, twice, before being referred to ENT treatment at hospital. By this point I had had several lots of ear drops, anti biotics and had lost my hearin in both ears!

ENT had a good look and cleaned what they could from my one ear. By now I was coming up to 11 weeks pregnant and they were worried about doing suction treatment in case they touched the ear drum which could have caused early contractions - Not good! 

Continued with my 4th week of antibiotics and the pain finally subsided by the time we had our 12 week scan:

All went well and baby was developing nicely, measuring exactly 12 weeks + 5 days and it was confirmed due date of 25th May :-)

So I can safely say I didn't suffer mornin sickness, but was in so much pain, I probably didn't notice it!

I was just happy to see our Baby-Bean moving and healthy; and my little man was amazed seeing his little brother or sister 'wriggling on the telly' that he had to ring Granny & Grandad.


Telling the world …

First person to tell had to by my little man. After telling him I was ok and just checking something when peeing on stick earlier, we then told him that mummy was actually checking if there was a baby in mummy’s tummy! He did look a little confused and you could see his little mind going in overdrive, so I tried a better explanation for him…

‘Mummy and Socky (what he calls my partner) are having a baby and you are going to be a big brother. Our Baby-Bean is in mummy’s belly and will grow into a baby after your birthday (May 2014).’

Well that got his mind working…
‘Where is Baby-Bean mummy?’ … ‘What’s in your tummy?’ … ‘Can we have a baby boy called Joseph?’ … ‘When is baby-bean coming out of mummy’s tummy?’ … had these type of questions for a little while and then he finally came out with…

‘Mummy, Socky went to farm shop to buy Baby-Bean when you and me were sleeping, and then buried Baby-Bean in your tummy. When Baby-Bean grows we’ll have to dig him out and bury your tummy back… Mummy when’s Baby-Bean going to grow into a baby?

Well I loved this logic, so that’s the story for now!! He is only 3 after all J

Following this conversation, telling everyone else in the family was easy as my little man has explained the details to them all!


Finding out I was Pregnant...

I'm sure I’m 2 days late, I can't hold off any long ... not said a word to my man as have been so disappointed each month ... get up ... run down stairs ... with my 3 year old in tow, of course ... get packet, which won't open quick enough ... bursting to pee ... Ah, relief ... answer all the 'What are you doing mummy?' questions coming from my little man ... look at the stick ... nothing ... answer more questions ... seems like a life time of waiting ... look again … still nothing visible … think ‘ah well, never mind, period will come any time now’ … wash hands … take one last look before leaving the bathroom and … oh, I’m sure I see a faint line … no, wait, my eyes are not focusing … look again … YES definitely see a faint line … usher little man out of bathroom to watch TV, run  upstairs and wake my man … say softly in his ear ‘I think I see 2 blue lines!’… pause … reply was a jump out of bed ‘WHAT? Really?’ … both run down stairs … definitely 2 clear blue lines …

All this in less than 5 minutes, but the excitement and love felt in those few minutes was magical. 
Bottom Test - 1st (Faded as dried)
Top Test - 2nd Test
So at this point I was officially 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 
Did a second test the following morning, just to make sure ~ 2 clear lines within seconds! Baby-Bean is a reality after 10 months of trying to conceive ~ so happy J

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