Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eggnogg Superhero...

When I was introduced to the Eggnogg Colour in fancy dress costumes I thought I would give them a go. I saw them on where there is a wide range of designs from fairy princess, knights, sandcastle placemats and Christmas trees! We opted for the Superhero cape costume at £4.99 + postage. 

This came in a nicely folded packet that fitted nicely through the letterbox. When unpacked I was surprised at how thin the paper was. I  expected it to be made of card rather than normal paper. But hey we gave it a go!

One quiet afternoon, I asked my son if he wanted to be a Superhero, he was so excited! So we got colouring straight away! 

My son is only 3, so the colouring took a little time and he did get quite frustrated, so mummy and Socky (my partner) had to assist to speed things up. 

Once all completed, we cut it out and started to assemble the costume – cape, wrist bands, mask & name badge. However, we soon found that there were not enough sticky pads within the pack, so resorted to cello-taping everything on (we used masking tape as this is a gentler stick when removing). This included the cape as the sticky pads did not secure the cape to my son’s t-shirt and kept slipping off. 

This did make removing it quite difficult as it’s made of paper and was at risk of ripping quite easily. We did manage to save all 5 pieces and he has used again since, so considering it’s made of paper, with care, it can be used again and again. 

Whilst it was on, my son did enjoy zooming around as a superhero and the power beams from his wrist were also a great feature! 

Overall, we had fun, a lovely idea, but not something I would invest in again.

Hope you enjoyed our review for :-)

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